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Muse Concert Review

Monday, March 4, 2013 I had the pleasure of seeing Dead Sarah opening for Muse live at the United Center. This was the first time I had heard Dead Sarah, and also the first time to see either group live. I’ve always been a fan of Muse, and when a group of friends invite you say YES!

The United Center was a great venue for the event – it allowed for a large number of people to attend the concert and still have enough room for an impressive stage.  And impressive it was! While the United Center does not have the “jumbo screens” common in other venues, many sections behind, above, and in front of the stage were functioning screens that not only added to the performance, but also allowed the performers to be more easily seen. One of the biggest ‘crowd-pleasers’ and impressive moments was when five layers of screens and lights lowered over the center of the stage, right above the drummer. Each song not only had impressive graphics, images, and lyrics flashing across the screens, there were also extremely impressive lighting effects, including “laser” lights. Some of the lighting effects were linked directly to the different instrument solos. Another surprise was when the drummer’s platform turned around so he could face the seats behind the stage. Overall, it was an impressive sight to see!

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